Shopper Assist : Personalization API with Human like Intelligence and Vision

Creating exciting new experiences for your consumers


Higher Conversion Rate

Assists in recommending most relevant product/service by understanding customer at individual level.

Better Insight into Customer Base

Assists in gaining insights into health of your customer base and their relationship with your offering from Micro to Macro.

Increase Customer Engagement

Assists in engaging customer by understanding their path-to-purchase cycle at individual product and category levels.


Recommendation with Visual Analytics

Eyes are most important human senses through which your consumer most likely to make purchase decisions. Our technology makes your product truly Digital.

Recommendations on Deeper levels

Consumer does not like your products but its inherent qualities. Our technology allows you to recommend based on Customer affinity toward these inherent characteristics.

Intelligence of a Real Salesman

Real salesman has ability to learn from experience, but it is missing in Digital world. Our technology is built using Artificial Intelligence to mimic a real salesmanship and deliver new experience every time.

Cold Start Capability

Recommendation with or without customer history for a category or whole.

Attribute based Learning

Highly sensitive & smart recommendation thought highly specialized Artificial Intelligence Algorithm.

True Personalization at Individual level

1on1 Personalized recommendation by knowing your customer at Individual level, instead of Crowd level.